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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

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Welcome to Your Virtual Classroom

Selling Programs

Sandler Sales Mastery is an on-going professional development series designed to help you apply proven sales methodology in real world business situations. This reinforced, virtual learning program instills the productive behavior necessary for your continued success.

Sales Mastery Foundations

Foundations has six stand-alone training modules that provide a fresh, professional approach to selling. Let go of sales habits that have not yielded the results you need, and take charge of the selling process with new, productive behaviors, attitudes and techniques. Upon completion of Foundations, participants enroll in our weekly Sales Mastery program for ongoing reinforcement and application accountability.

Foundations Learning Modules:

  • Why Have a System? & Questioning Strategies

  • Bonding & Rapport & Upfront Contracts

  • Identifying Reasons for Doing Business (PAIN) & Uncovering Prospecting Budget

  • Decision-Making Process, Fulfillment & Post-Sell

  • Improving Your BAT-ing Average & Intro to Prospecting

  • Prospecting Strategies & Tactics

These sessions run from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Mondays.

Sandler Sales Mastery

In the Sales Mastery program, we collected the best practices from our 50-plus years of sales training experience. We distilled into this program the timeless sales strategies, communication skills, and success principles that will accelerate your and your team’s journey to becoming lifelong, successful sales producers.

Sales Mastery Reinforcement topic samples:

  • The Psychology of Building Strong Relationships
  • Qualifying Opportunity to Shorten Sales Cycles and Boost Closing Ratios
  • Presenting Proposals That Close 
  • Negotiation for a Win-Win
  • Advanced Prospecting Strategies for New Business
  • Developing an Elite Playbook for Success


These session run from 3:30 to 5 pm on Mondays.

Sales Management & Leadership Solutions

Strategic Management, created for CEOs, Presidents and Managers, gives you the tools to lead, motivate, and develop your team. These monthly sessions are designed in a powerful series format to give you strong business tools to take back to your team and implement immediately.

These sessions run every 3rd Friday of the month.
8:00 – 11:00 am

Strategic Management topic examples:

  • Managing Performance
  • Customer Management
  • Leading, Coaching, Developing & Enabling
  • Territory Mapping & Account Targeting
  • Prioritizing and Managing Your Time
  • Measurement, Analytics and Reporting
  • Organizational Structure
  • Sales Processes and Mapping Methodology
  • Culture of Accountability
  • Compensation and Incentives
  • Conflict Management