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Selling and Leading in Uncertain Times

We went through all of our content and pulled the most relevant information tailored to today’s environment of unknown and uncertainty. Scroll down for webinars, whitepapers, podcasts and more resources to ensure you are proactive versus reactive during this period of unrest and distress.

Live & OnDemand Webinar Series

During these uncertain and worrisome times, we at Corporate Strategies(Sandler Training, Naperville) have been searching for a way to help the Greater Chicagoland community navigate forward.

We acknowledge:

• Your real and legitimate concerns in navigating the unknown
• Selling, managing and/or leading a team is difficult no matter what environment
• Recent limitations (like social distancing and isolation) are challenging yet manageable

Our commitment during this period is to be a resource to you. Scroll for free content below.

Join us for a Complimentary Live Virtual Training Session

Time management & delegation
Accountability structure that sticks
Lack a hunter/farmer strategy for growing business
Pre-call planning and post-call debriefing
Team isn't getting enough appointments
Team lacks skills to negotiate and close
No structure to proactively prospect or hunt
Lack a coaching culture, need to drive productivity
Balanced leadership between delegation, mentorship, training & coaching
No sales process
Unproductive meetings; motivation is lacking
Too much miscommunication, drama and toxicity
Hiring top performers
Engage in too much ‘unpaid consulting’
Proposals are shopped around
Hear too many “think it overs”
Not enough proactive prospecting/new business
Sales cycles are too long
Closing percentages are too small
Discounting to win business
Can't reach decision makers
Inconsistent quota-achievement
Unproductive sales meetings / no accountability

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Live and On Demand Webinars

The Leadership Challenge: Adapting in Challenging Times

30-Minute Live Virtual Training Session

Right now, leaders are charged with the overwhelming task of keeping their “work family” together. This goes well beyond the duties of upholding a high-performance sales culture. Leaders are now responsible, to some degree, for inspiring their staff, addressing their concerns, holding their people nurturingly accountable, and easing their fears.

In this session you will learn:
• How to trigger motivation and coach your team to sell authentically and ethically
• The KPIs that are important to the new selling environment
• How to “step up” as a leader to address and ease emotional barriers like anxiety and fear

The Selling Challenge: Be Different or Be Forgotten

30-Minute Live Virtual Training Session

Sales professionals must adapt their approach in every facet of the selling opportunity or slowly fade into irrelevance; Banish 'Out-of-the-Box' thinking and welcome a departure from the norm.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Understand the traditional way of “bonding” with prospects doesn’t work and what to do instead
• Understand what is causing prospects to “tune out” during your elevator pitch and how to fix it
• Leverage advanced communication tools to generate stronger relationships with prospects (and colleagues)

Sales Fixx Podcast featuring Bill Bartlett

There's a worldwide economic downturn right now, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people and many companies are reacting based on panic and not based on clear thinking and understanding of the total economic implications of this situation.

Bill advises on his approach and mindset during these scary times. Many of you have already been furloughed or let go. What do you do now? What should your thinking be like? We discuss these concepts and Bill offers some great suggestions on controlling your thinking and making sure you focus on actions that help you in the long term.


Tune in below!

WEBINAR: Leading Your Salesteam in Times of Uncertainty

Available ON DEMAND

Your Host: Bill Bartlett

Connect with Bill on LinkedIn

This webinar is for sales leaders to formulate successful strategies in leading, managing and coaching during uncertain times.

Participants will learn:

• The behaviors and attitudes for managing uncertainty
• How to manage expectations with your team (and prospects) when selling virtually
• Actionable a servant leader for your team AND clients

Recorded Live on March 24, 2020



WEBINAR: Daily Behaviors and Best Practices for Selling and Servicing Remotely

Available ON DEMAND

Your host: Rich Austin

Connect with Rich on LinkedIn

12-1 pm CT

This webinar deconstructs the best attitudes, behaviors and techniques for selling and servicing remotely.

Participants will learn:

The daily behaviors for attacking the market in uncertain times

Ways to promote efficient and productive “remote” communication

Selling behaviors and best practices to keep the pipeline full


WEBINAR: Leading in Uncertain Times hosted by Sandler Trainer, Chad Stenzel

Available ON DEMAND

Timeless wisdom, actionable strategies and helpful insight from world-class leaders.

Learn more about the speakers:

Brad McDonald - The Art & Skill of Sales Psychology
Krish Dhanam - Skylife Success
Bill Bartlett - The Sales Coach's Playbook
Andy Andrews - Wisdom Harbour

Recorded Live on March 24, 2020

Other ON DEMAND Webinars for Mindfulness, Time Management & More

The Power of Mindfulness: Strategies, Accountability & Focus

Designed for business owners, managers & salespeople, Sandler trainers will walk you through how to define "mindfulness" when it comes to sales, leadership, and business success and the direct link that connects mindful practices with accountability and achieving sales goals.

Join in for an education session that will prepare you and your team for business growth in the new year.

  • How to integrate a mindful practice into your sales process.
  • Why people struggle with accountability and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Strategies to balance being busy with being productive.
  • How additional resources can help you in your path to mindfulness and accountability in sales

How to Manage Salespeople in a Time-Compressed World

In this webinar, join Sandler Trainer, Jody Williamson and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague, as they discuss how to leverage technology to improve individual productivity.

Education for sales leaders, business owners, and salespeople who want to set goals and succeed.

  • How to leverage leading management tools designed to automate important sourcing and onboarding activities.
  • How to use technology to engage you and your team members with the principles and processes that drive real results.
  • How to implement proven, effective, consistent education programs for both your new and existing team members.

Building a Bulletproof Business

Dave Mattson, President & CEO of Sandler training and Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development, discussed leadership blindspots and to take your business to the top tier.

Most owners and executives can relate to these statements:

  • You’re passionate about the business, and others just don’t seem to be as passionate.
  • It’s easier to do stuff on your own versus stopping and training others how to do it properly.
  • You may know where you want to be in a couple of years but don’t have a real road map to get there,
  • You have spent the past few years building the business, and now you're in protection mode versus growth mode.
  • All roads lead to a select few in the company, creating a bottleneck.
  • People are coming to you for answers vs. coaching your people to thrive independently.

Learn from the experts and gain access to the information that will help you make your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Best Practices, Tools & Guidelines for Making Impact NOW

10 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn to Prospect More Effectively


Download Here

7 Keys to Managing a Remote Workforce


Download Here

4 Best Practices for Salespeople That Turn Emails Into Phone Discussions


Download Here

Quick Hit Videos on Proactive Prospecting

Things are hard right now and you have two choices: bury your head in the sand and wait for things to go back to normal OR fight, aim to win and take proactive action.