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Strategic Management Solutions ®

Gain the tools to lead, motivate and develop a high-performing team

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Be the Leader You Would Follow

The Strategic Management Solutions Program makes it easy to build a successful and satisfying career as a high-powered manager, leader, or executive.  It puts you in control of destiny in leadership. The issues you deal with every day are addressed in this program, which enable leaders to maximize performance and profitability while growing people, margins and market share to create and maintain a competitive edge.

Upcoming Strategic Management Sessions

Interested in attending one of our upcoming sessions? Simply click on one of the sessions listed below and register. Gain the tools you need to lead, motivate and develop yourself and your team.

JANUARY 18: The Multiplier Effect - Purpose Driven Leadership in 2019

To become your best as a leader, you must continually work at strengthening your management skills. We’ll assess your strengths, as well as your areas of opportunity, to provide a specific road map to implement change in the right direction. This heightened level of awareness will drive continuous improvement across the board.

FEBRUARY 15: “A” Positions & “A” Players: Strategic Workforce Management

Defining the right positions is just as important as filling them with the right people. Learn how to provide your team & future hires with a streamlined structure designed to minimize overlap of responsibilities within each position. This, in turn, will result in a highly effective organization that can more quickly adapt to change and to the realities of your marketplace.

MARCH 15: Making Modern Hires: Systems to Recruit, Hire Onboard Today’s Generations

The most important rule of hiring: Hire someone with 80% of what it takes and let them grow the other 20%. The key to recruiting, hiring and retaining those top-performers is a specific and fine-tuned hiring process that works for any generation (Millennials included!), leading to the ideal hire for your company and your company’s culture.

Why Sales Management Fails

In these MUST ATTEND event for business owners, president’s, entrepreneurs and sales managers facing business obstacles when it comes to selling, managing a team and growing their business.

In this session, you’ll learn the proper systems, behaviors, and accountability to put sales teams in the position to win.

Join sales expert, Bill Bartlett for this workshop.

Together, you’ll dissect common leadership roadblocks and what you can do about them.



6 Ways to be a More Effective Manager

Part of your responsibility as sales manager is to help your sales team increase their capacity to perform and improve the outcomes of their performance. In other words, help them become more effective salespeople. To that end, you conduct regular sales meetings to hold them accountable, you provide coaching to keep them on track, and you provide training when needed.

So—what can you do to improve your performance and be a better manager, mentor, and motivator?


Learn How To Lead Your Team to Success

Sandler Management Solutions program is different than any other management training program, as it’s designed to be the ideal "change environment". This program’s active training exercises not only teach you our proven management theories, they also teach you how to put these theories into practice in your everyday role as a manager.


Our unique learning environment will allow managers and leaders to:

  • Engage employees; increase productivity & revenue
  • Develop and refine leadership skills
  • Set meaningful goals & development plans
  • Find, hire, on-board & retain top performers
  • Know what to track, how to benchmark


Like all of Sandler’s training programs, we’re not after quick fixes; we’re interested in long-term improvement and lasting results.