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Sales Tools

Utilize our free Sales Tools and gain the competitive advantage

Sales Tools: Staging Effective Meetings Checklist

Save valuable time, resources and energy by proactively communicating meeting goals, agenda and follow-up items.

Sales Tools: Evaluating Your Sales Comfort Level

Learn how to overcome the stigma of selling with our simple, yet effective evaluation.

Sales Tools: Mental Toughness Scorecard

When it comes to sales, your mental toughness can be measured by 4 key areas...

Sales Tools: 6 Best Interview Questions for a “Hunter” Sales Position

Have you taken the time to define what a winner looks like in the position you’re trying to fill? Use our 6 interview questions to see how qualified a candidate is for your sales force.

Sales Tools: Hiring Checklist

Systematize your hiring process and attract top talent, whether it's your first employee or thousandth, with our Hiring Checklist.

Sales Tools: Networking Pro Toolkit

Networking situations are often uncomfortable and awkward, and you leave frustrated with the lack of legitimate leads you’ve acquired. Out of the 20 business cards you follow up with, half of them go dark and the other half are trying to sell you. Sound familiar?

Sales Tools: Pipeline Framework

Successful salespeople don't build a thriving book of business by only targeting typical clients who easily close. If you survive in the business long enough, the well runs dry and you've eaten all of the 'low hanging fruit'. Use this template to build a strategic pipeline.

Sales Tools: Cost of a Bad Hire

Bad hiring decisions can cost you 30% of the individual's first-year potential earnings. How much are you spending on bad hires?

Sales Tools: Ideal Client Template

What types of traits do you look for in a client? What frustrations do they typically experience? Identify the characteristics and needs of your Ideal Client and build a stronger, more qualified pipeline. 

Sales Tools: Prospecting Activities Worksheet

Don't waste your time on unproductive prospecting. Track and invest in the right activities and prioritize your prospects.


Sales Tools: Hunting/Farming Mix

To be successful in sales, you need the right mix of prospecting and servicing. Outline your top 3 sales/service activities and maximize your productivity with our Hunting/Farming Mix.


Sales Tools: Anti-Sleazy, Slimy Salesperson Checklist

Sleazy and Slimy or Trusted Advisor? Decide how you want to be perceived before you meet your next prospect.