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Sales is not one size fits all

Separate Yourself from Competitors by Building a First Class Organization

Better Hiring Decisions

They all look good.
They all say the right thing.
Can you afford to hire the wrong person again?

Success Profile: Candidates are compared to
a customized profile developed for any position within your organization.

Job Fit Analysis: The report offers a job-fit analysis of poor, questionable, good or excellent.

Targeted Interview Questions: Generates behavioral interview questions to separate those who say they can and those who actually will.

Communication Tactics: Determine if the candidate’s inherent behavioral preferences and tendencies are an appropriate fit for this role and your company.

Employee Development & Benchmarking

71% of American workers are actively disengaged at work.


Growth Roadmap: An individual snapshot of strengths and areas of opportunity for current employees. A customized development plan is created based on results.

Benchmarking: Qualitative data to set a standard of excellence for reaching expectations.

Effective Messaging: Heightened awareness of their team’s communication style to appropriate craft and deliver difficult messages.

Team Audit: An in-depth organizational view of overall strengths and areas for opportunity to clearly identify how to bridge the gaps.

Customized to Any Position Within Your Organization



Assessments Empower You to:

√  Stop hiring poor-fit candidates who are likeable but don’t perform

√  Set the stage for optimal success with your new hire

√  Optimize workforce effectiveness by effectively managing the employee lifecycle

√  Align teams and company culture to deliver on company initiatives

√  Develop current employees for appropriate career progression

√  Enhance productivity and efficiency with ongoing employee engagement and team building

Assessments for every stage of the Employee Life Cycle:

  • Hiring - accurately predict job applicant success in specific roles by analyzing behavioral tendencies and competencies not otherwise evident in a job interview.

  • Onboarding - customize training and development plans to maximize time invested. By supporting areas of improvement discovered within the assessment, you can give each new hire a strong foundation in a new role.

  • Development - align every employee with the goals of the business. Because assessments provide specific, objective feedback, talent development and training become positive experiences that increase loyalty.

  • Team Building - Teams must work cohesively toward a common goal despite possessing a variety of skills, styles and experiences. Competency models in talent assessments help you gauge individual contributors against an ideal skill set. 

  • Separation - Discovering why employees leave your organization is essential to creating strategic cultural initiatives that improve retention. Exit surveys offer a simple way to better understand voluntary separation and discover actionable ways to improve.

The Outmatch Evaluation

What is it?

The OutMatch Assessment measures a variety of traits and competencies to gauge the individual’s likelihood for success in a specific role.

  • Selection Report provides tailored interview questions and Overall Recommendation score
  • Development Report available with tailored growth suggestions and recommendations 

Outmatch measures 22 traits bundled in thinking, working and relating behaviors.

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The Extended DISC

What is it?

The DISC Evaluation identifies the behavioral traps that inhibit effective communication and ways to improve the communication process. Similar to Devine, you will receive an in-depth report illustrating your individual style as well as the specific areas that should be focused on to improve overall communication. By understanding your preferred style and learning to identify the styles of others, you can begin to adapt your behavior to match the styles and better communicate, lead and sell.

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