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The Top 3 Sales Coaching Myths Deconstructed

Implement a coaching model to catapult success.

View coaching as a path to professional growth and behavioral change, not a trip to the principals office.

65% of sales managers do not see the value in coaching their salespeople. Here’s why: their previous “coaching” experiences have been nothing but a venting session full of excuses. When a sales leader chooses not to coach their salespeople, behavioral change is not possible.


Learn how deconstruct the three most common myths about coaching and how you can implement a coaching model to catapult success.

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Prevent the same problems from occurring within your sales team.

  • Understand how to determine a coaching schedule you & your salespeople can commit to.
  • Discover how to set the proper environment for coaching and shift your mindset.
  • Learn how to empower your salespeople using a simple two-step questioning model.

Do you know the difference?

A recent study found that few sales managers spend time coaching, and when they do it's generally ineffective, failing to get the desired results. The Sales Coach's Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code answers the question of 'Why?' and offers a specific, actionable plan based upon the award-winning Sandler Selling System.