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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

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We Serve—Sales Teams & Individuals

Whether you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned professional wanting to up your game

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Solutions for Sales Teams

What Will My Team Learn?

Email and Telephone Communication - Tactics that turn emails and LI messages into telephone conversations
Sales Behaviors - The top 10 sales behaviors they should be performing on a consistent basis
Bench-marking - A non-punitive way to set the bar and ignite healthy competition
Best Practice Sharing - Gaining the slight edge to share best practices, promoting built-in accountability

How Will They Learn?

Facilitated Learning - customized topics based on your team's, company's and industry's unique selling roadblocks
Phone and In-Person Shadowing - to brief and debrief live sales calls
• Online Reinforcement & Team Challenges - keeping content fresh, promoting skill matery
1:1 Coaching - to address the unique needs of each individual team member
Leaders learn to Stage Effective Meetings - Leaving every meeting with energy and tools to make you money

Solutions for Sales Professionals

What Will I Learn?

Prospecting - Hunting skills needed to build a fat pipeline
Closing - How to control the sale from start to finish and never close on low price
Finding PAIN - Getting to the real reason buyer's buy...PAIN
Discussing Money - Not giving your valuable information or pricing until an realistic investment is identified
• and more...


How Do I learn?

Facilitated topics proven to provide the slight edge in the 2018 selling environment
Live Role-plays to get you comfortable with the talk-tracks and techniques
Regular reinforcement and "application challenges" in between sessions to take you to the next level
1:1 coaching to remove selling obstacles getting in your way
Engaging peer environment of forward-thinkers looking to stay at the top of their game

One of the Top 4 Sales and Marketing Conferences to Add to Your Calendar – INC.COM

Not all sales cycles are the same, especially when it comes to company size and number of decision makers.  From small to med-sized, large and enterprise organizations, your job is to control the prospect to the close.