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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

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Two Day Virtual Sales Bootcamp


December 1 and 2

January 26 & 27 (registration now open!)

9 am - 4 pm


Email us for individual and group pricing

Or give us a call for more information: 630-778-1500


Two-day Sandler Sales bootcamp for high performers looking to gain a fast-track in how to:

  • “Level up” outdated selling methods with digital selling tactics to move opportunities forward with momentum
  • Prospect in a manner that is ethical and professional, where both parties are comfortable
  • Achieve lasting sales growth by implementing a formula for systematic selling
  • Conduct transparent conversations around money and urgency
  • Create virtual a environment where prospects trust and accept you as their expert 
  • Discover your prospects’ hidden reasons to do business with you
  • Communicate knowledge effectively without providing “unpaid consulting” or bids too soon
  • Manage your prospects’ decision-making process to be more effective at closing sales
  • Reduce dependence on “lowest price” to close the sale...and more!


Your Investment Includes

  • Two Days of High-Impact Virtual Training
  • 90-Minute Coaching Workshop
  • Individual Benchmarking & Evaluation Review
  • 1 Year Sandler Online License

Common obstacles of participants:

  • Engaging in too much ‘unpaid consulting’; proposals are then shopped around
  • Frustrated by prospects that stall the process and want to ‘Think it over’
  • Proactive prospecting is not happening; no structured prospecting system with defined activities in place
  • Frustrated by relying on discounting your price; giving away too much
  • Can’t seem to get to decision makers often enough; dealing with the supporting cast and not the stars



Agenda Snap Shot


• Sandler Introduction/Overview
• Benefits of an effective and efficient selling system
• Four positive results of the Sandler Selling Process
• Five Levels of Sales Competency
• The role of active participation in building rapport
• Elements of communication to build stronger relationships
• Setting expectations agreeable to both parties
• Sandler Selling System qualification process
• Buying Emotions
• Tactics to find their compelling reason to buy


• Questioning strategies to get the prospect talking
• Discussing investment early on
• Uncovering decision making process and key decision makers
• Confirming the close
• Pain-based presentations
• Prevent loss of sale
• Build your confidence and belief system
• Prospecting activities to achieve your goals
• Effective prospecting plans
• Cold Call Template



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