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Online Courses

Online courses designed to evolve your sales and leadership skills. Each course comes with guided learning, audio, worksheets and more. 

No-Pressure Prospecting

This course helps salespeople and sales leaders formulate successful prospecting strategies that will fill your pipeline, leverage technology and set better sales appointments


$47 Course includes:

-5 video coaching lessons:

   1. The Goal of Prospecting

   2. Prospecting Best Practices & the Success Triangle

   3. The 5 Elements of the No-Pressure Cold Call

   4. Connecting Tech with Prospecting Success

   5. Getting More Referrals and Introductions

-Tools, scripts, worksheets & resources designed to help you structure a call, ask for referrals and use technology

Build a Bullet Proof Business

This course deconstructs 13 of the top leadership blindspots and how to correct these dangerous oversights to take your company into the top tier.


This $47 course includes 13 video-led sections, covering these blindspots:

1. Not Having A Process for Hiring

2. Improperly Onboarding People

3. Failing to Tie Corporate Goals to Personal Goals

4. Not Creating a Culture of Accountability

5. No Common Sales Language

6. Not Focusing on Lead Generation

7. Not Capturing Best Practices

8. Failing to Train & Coach Management

9. Not Building the Bench

10. Not Knowing How to Coach

11. Not Sharing the Vision with Those Who Have to Implement It

12. Fostering a Culture of Learned Helplessness

13. No Methodologies and Systems

Dealing with Difficult People & Situations

This course from Sandler will look at difficult people and situations. What makes them difficult? How do we avoid getting into these situations? And, how can we fix both the problem and the upset customer while still maintaining our own confidence and self-esteem?


This $97 course includes dozens of resources and four main lessons:

  1. Understanding Yourself and Keeping Your Composure
  2. Understanding Others and What Makes Them Difficult
  3. Preventing Difficult Situations
  4. Dealing with Difficult People & Situations

Social Selling Success

This course is designed to help salespeople leverage the latest technology, information, and social networks. This is not a marketing course designed to grow an audience. It is social prospecting and selling course for sales reps and other individuals looking to build relationships and start sales conversations. 


$147 Course includes four full video lessons, tools, scripts, and resources designed to help you build your profiles, start prospecting, leverage social selling, and understand the top attitudes, behavior, and technique of today’s top social sellers:


  • Building the Foundation
  • Social Prospecting
  • Social Selling
  • Best Practices of Top Social Sellers
  • PLUS – Bonus Social Selling Resources from Sandler Training!


  • Building Your Profile
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Pre-call Planning
  • Collecting Best Practices & Taking Action!

The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders

This course details 49 sales management principles based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System.


This $247 online course includes 50, 10-minute video lessons, tools, scripts, and resources designed to help you understand the top attitudes, behavior, and technique of today’s top sales leaders!

  • 50 Video Lessons from Dave Mattson
  • 12 Tools and Worksheets
  • Bonus Leadership Resources from Sandler Training!
  • Exclusive access to a private sales leadership community forum

Negotiating Mastery

This course was designed for owners, managers, and salespeople who are routinely putting together complicated deals, negotiating discounts, or enterprise selling. While this course is based primarily around sales negotiations, it will also be helpful to managers and owners negotiating any type of contract.


This $197 nine-lessons course includes:

  1. How to negotiate effectively
  2. Understanding and dealing with the professional negotiator
  3. Identifying sources of negotiating leverage
  4. How personality, style, and persuasion effect outcomes
  5. The most common negotiating mistakes
  6. The top 12 gambits buyers use and the countermeasures
  7. Breaking through apparent impasses
  8. Making concessions
  9. Preparing for your next negotiation