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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

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Sandler Training in Naperville, IL

Bill Bartlett is an internationally sought out speaker and coach with a proven track record of helping countless professionals achieve heights previously unimagined.

Founder and President of Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. in Naperville, IL

Bill Bartlett is the founder and president of Corporate Strategies & Solutions Inc., a Sandler Training Center. He is a critically-acclaimed coach and facilitator who excels at identifying core challenges and implementing growth strategies that are transformative in their depth.

Bill has a client list spanning from small companies to the Fortune 500. As an accomplished executive coach, Bill also works with Fortune 1000 CEOs, professional athletes (PGA, Major League Baseball) and actors in Hollywood. With over 40 years of experience, Bill helps clients increase productivity and profit by developing high performance behaviors, winning attitudes and superior sales and management techniques.

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The Sales Coach's Playbook-Breaking the Performance Code

The definitive playbook for effective sales coaching, based on proven principles of the award-winning Sandler Selling System. This book is a powerful engagement tool and conversation starter that will support discussions with sales executives who are not yet familiar with the coaching principles associated with the Sandler Selling System.

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Get to Know Bill

Share one thing you love about your job.
It gives me the ability to shape lives and mentor success. I am on a crusade to professionalize the way people see a sales career.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Facial reconstruction surgery to help me look less like Brad Pitt. I’m tired of being confused with him.

Share one achievement, personal or work-related.
In July of 1994, I met David Sandler and left a very successful corporate career to begin a training and development business from nothing. Gayle and I put all our possessions in a charitable trust and gave our wealth away and began our life again.

Lesson from parent (mom or dad) that you live by to this day.
My father taught me the value of hard work and my mother taught me the importance of fun. This balancing act is one of the keys to any success I have achieved.

What would be your last meal?
Kobe beef carpaccio. Kobe beef is made from Tajima cattle, raised in very strict and meticulous conditions in the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. The sophisticated lifestyle of these animals includes a diet of apples and beer, regular massages as well as sake-infused brushing sessions.

What is the current background on your smartphone or computer desktop?
Me in a drift boat on the Madison River in Montana holding a 24 inch brown trout.

What is your favorite quote?
Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with a song still in their heart. Henry David Thoreau

Describe your ideal way to alleviate stress/relax.
A trout stream, Romeo and Julietta cigar and flask of Crown Royal


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Bill Bartlett is a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler national business solutions Blog, as well as a recognized expert in the Naperville, IL area.

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“Sandler training is working and I barely have a moment to spare. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my sales life. I have control, I have confidence, and I have a measurable system. I’ve set more appointments with less calls than ever before. I’ve lost almost all my cold call anxiety. Being able to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and not be afraid or feel like I have to ask permission to do my job - that alone is worth its weight in gold.
Sandler is the best buying decision I have ever made.”

Alexis L. Evans, Business Development Executive
Manifest Solutions