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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

“After attending my first Sandler training with Bill Bartlett more than 18 years ago, I transformed every area of my business from how we approach sales to our daily vocabulary. We surpassed 165 million in sales since that first session. I look forward to each time I have the pleasure of sending new employees to Sandler knowing we will continue to refine and improve as an organization. Recently, my daughter spent the summer learning Sandler to better prepare to manage her sophomore year in college and her life relationships. I highly recommend Sandler.”

Joel Basgall - CEO


"Corporate Strategies & Solutions using the Sandler methodology has delivered on their commitment to provide a tool that helps unify sales and management during account reviews. This allows the team to accurately forecast opportunities and minimize the "buyer-seller dance" that a sales professional can sometimes be trapped in. Utilizing the Sandler methodology, we have increased our sales force competency, identified where time is being spent and changed the sales behavior to ensure their success.

In business, we are all faced with challenges; in my experience over the past 20 years, we have been able to incorporate Sandler methodology and make it a part of our culture. I consider Bill Bartlett from Corporate Strategies & Solutions as a mentor; he is always available and willing to help and assist in any way. I recommend using Corporate Strategies & Solutions to help develop the ultimate playbook for your sales teams."

Armen Biberian - Market Vice President

Konica Minolta Business Solutions

“TechSmith’s partnership with Corporate Strategies & Solutions provides a critical consulting and training component in our sales associate refinement, selling process development, and corporate sales strategy. The global software industry requires our teams to be extremely adaptive so we consistently work with Rich to review and refine our approach to maximize our growth potential.”

Jim Watson - Inside Sales Manager


“Corporate Strategies and the Sandler Sales System have taken the interactions with our members from transactional to an elevated, relationship-based exchange. It has allowed us to better serve our members, address their most pressing issues and serve as the valued partner they are looking for.”

Cindy Tomei - VP Membership & Marketing

Illinois Manufacturers' Association (IMA)

Jessica Medrano

R.J. O'Neil

“I’ve been taking Sandler classes since July (5 months) and, let me tell you, it’s changed my life in so many ways. I always had a strong pipeline, but I didn’t have the process, I didn’t know how to close the deals. I didn’t know how to be approachable; I didn’t know how to listen. I follow the Sandler submarine and that process has given me the pipeline and the win ratio. I went from 76% to 86% closing ratio.”

"Sandler has given our entire team (sales and management) a process to sell/track/measure by, and allowed us all to talk the same language. It has helped us qualify and disqualify opportunities better, so we put our efforts/time/money where they have the greatest likelihood of success."

Chuck Bray - Vice President of Sales & Marketing 

Randal Retail Group

Michael McDevitt

Castaway Rods

"I’ve been working with Sandler for about 8 months now. I was definitely a “feature and benefit” seller before Sandler. That is what my industry is known for. This 7-step selling system gets you immediately for a sales call. It’s a different system where in each step you are qualifying the prospect to determine if you’re a fit for them or not. Also, this system trains you to ask the right types of questions, where the buyer does the majority of the talking so you can determine if your product/service fits their need."

"Regular Sandler attendance has allowed me to walk with confidence. Rather than staying 'busy' on dead end opportunities, I focus more time on avenues that have a higher likelihood of closing and success. I had a 300% increase in revenue YOY 2016 vs 2015, my plan is to do the same, or more, for 2017."

Rolf Snobeck - National Senior Accounts Manager

Tecta America

Tim Ferrel

Phoenix Closures

“After using Sandler for our sales process and dramatically increasing the reliability of our sales force and the achievements they were able to accomplish in individual territories, we started to use Corporate Strategies for management training and that quickly developing into relying on Corporate Strategies to take us even further.“

Tina Tupper

Alpha Review

"In the year and a half that I’ve been doing sales I was able to name 21 new accounts and with that that was ten-fold what our prior sales team was able to create."

Mike Cogswell

Mevion Medical Systems

“I’ve been using Sandler methodology, particularly training for over 15 years. I use it in every aspect of my life – both with my family, my friends, work relationships. The system has helped grow sales in my company from 10 million to over 150 million.”

Christopher Tews

Kelmscott Communications, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Sandler Training now for a number of years…One of the big successes I have had is sales growth…in the last 12 months I’ve experienced a 10% increase sales growth and it’s been in large part from the one on on coaching and consulting I’ve gotten…I receive great encouragement, practical help and tips as I move through the sales process.”

Yu Chen Chi

New Heights Partners

“Sandler training helped me remove some bad habits and replace them with some good behaviors, which are essential to the work I do as a business consultant. Three years of Sandler training enabled me to achieve a higher level of success in the market place. I truly appreciate the insights of Bill Bartlett, the owner Corporate Strategies.”

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