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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

Jessica Medrano

R.J. O'Neil

“I’ve been taking Sandler classes since July (5 months) and, let me tell you, it’s changed my life in so many ways. I always had a strong pipeline, but I didn’t have the process, I didn’t know how to close the deals. I didn’t know how to be approachable; I didn’t know how to listen. I follow the Sandler submarine and that process has given me the pipeline and the win ratio. I went from 76% to 86% closing ratio.”

Michael McDevitt

Castaway Rods

"I’ve been working with Sandler for about 8 months now. I was definitely a “feature and benefit” seller before Sandler. That is what my industry is known for. This 7-step selling system gets you immediately for a sales call. It’s a different system where in each step you are qualifying the prospect to determine if you’re a fit for them or not. Also, this system trains you to ask the right types of questions, where the buyer does the majority of the talking so you can determine if your product/service fits their need."

Tim Ferrel

Phoenix Closures

“After using Sandler for our sales process and dramatically increasing the reliability of our sales force and the achievements they were able to accomplish in individual territories, we started to use Corporate Strategies for management training and that quickly developing into relying on Corporate Strategies to take us even further.“

Tina Tupper

Alpha Review

"In the year and a half that I’ve been doing sales I was able to name 21 new accounts and with that that was ten-fold what our prior sales team was able to create."

Mike Cogswell

Mevion Medical Systems

“I’ve been using Sandler methodology, particularly training for over 15 years. I use it in every aspect of my life – both with my family, my friends, work relationships. The system has helped grow sales in my company from 10 million to over 150 million.”

Christopher Tews

Kelmscott Communications, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Sandler Training now for a number of years…One of the big successes I have had is sales growth…in the last 12 months I’ve experienced a 10% increase sales growth and it’s been in large part from the one on on coaching and consulting I’ve gotten…I receive great encouragement, practical help and tips as I move through the sales process.”

Yu Chen Chi

New Heights Partners

“Sandler training helped me remove some bad habits and replace them with some good behaviors, which are essential to the work I do as a business consultant. Three years of Sandler training enabled me to achieve a higher level of success in the market place. I truly appreciate the insights of Bill Bartlett, the owner Corporate Strategies.”