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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

Online Courses

Online courses designed to evolve your sales and leadership skills. Each course comes with guided learning, audio, worksheets and more. 

Build a Bullet Proof Business

This course deconstructs 13 of the top leadership blindspots and how to correct these dangerous oversights to take your company into the top tier.


This $47 course includes 13 video-led sections, covering these blindspots:

1. Not Having A Process for Hiring

2. Improperly Onboarding People

3. Failing to Tie Corporate Goals to Personal Goals

4. Not Creating a Culture of Accountability

5. No Common Sales Language

6. Not Focusing on Lead Generation

7. Not Capturing Best Practices

8. Failing to Train & Coach Management

9. Not Building the Bench

10. Not Knowing How to Coach

11. Not Sharing the Vision with Those Who Have to Implement It

12. Fostering a Culture of Learned Helplessness

13. No Methodologies and Systems

Learn a Stress-Free Strategy for Building a Robust Pipeline

No Pressure Prospecting

This course helps salespeople and sales leaders formulate successful prospecting strategies that will fill your pipeline, leverage technology and set better sales appointments


$47 Course includes:

-5 video coaching lessons:

   1. The Goal of Prospecting

   2. Prospecting Best Practices & the Success Triangle

   3. The 5 Elements of the No-Pressure Cold Call

   4. Connecting Tech with Prospecting Success

   5. Getting More Referrals and Introductions

-Tools, scripts, worksheets & resources designed to help you structure a call, ask for referrals and use technology