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Another tool in the arsenal for ensuring the best outcomes

Behavioral X-Ray

Devine Inventory

What is it?
The Devine Inventory is a behavioral evaluation that tells you how to enhance your/your employee’s strengths and how best to improve weaknesses. You receive an in-depth report illustrating which areas should be focused on to improve performance in a specific position.
This report contains transformative information whether you are an organization of one or many.

How is it used?

Growth and Improvement: Well-developed strengths as well as areas of opportunity are highlighted with specific suggestions for growth. Create a customized development plan based on an individual’s results for achievable growth and development.
Hiring: Candidates can be compared to a specific Success Profile for any position within your organization. The report offers a job-fit analysis of poor, questionable, good or excellent for each respondent. Based on your candidate’s responses, targeted interview questions are generated leading to superior interviews and successful hiring decisions. Customized coaching reports based on their responses are also available to help you work with your new hires to bring them up to speed as peak performers in less time.
Team: Create a team report for up to 25 people for an organizational view of overall strengths and areas for opportunity as well as a training needs analysis.

And more!

Communication Breakdown

Extended DISC

What is it?
• The DISC Evaluation indentifies the behavioral traps that inhibit effective communication and ways to improve the communication process. Similar to Devine, you will receive an in-depth report illustrating your individual style as well as the specific areas that should be focused on to improve overall communication. This report contains information that will build awareness among employees and provide tools for more effective communication.

How is it used?
• The Extended DISC is designed to provide decision-makers with information about individuals; their behavioral style, strengths, development areas, skills, opinions, perceptions and expectations
• DISC training can be delivered on an organizational, divisional, team or individual level.