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I had a coaching session with a client a few days ago during which she detailed her struggle with negative thoughts about the outcome of her sales calls. She feels defeated before the sales call ever takes place as very repetitive and limiting thoughts constantly play in her head, not unlike my experience with summer songs. Her attitude was normally positive, but was sabotaged by the continual loop of negativity. The harder she tried to remove these imposters, the louder they became until she became totally deflated and pessimistic.

In this episode of Selling the Sandler Way, Dave Mattson, the President and CEO of Sandler Training explores the Sandler Selling Philosophies behind the Sandler Selling System with Paul Lanigan, a Sandler Trainer.

I taught the subject of “Personal Selling” as an adjunct professor at Loyola University Maryland for twelve years. The academic-industrial complex required the use of a textbook in class, and occasionally, I used it, often to point out the crazy ideas that Ph.D.’s who write textbooks have about the business world.

Rule #10: Treat the job interview as a sales call, which means it's your job to disqualify.

As a manager or leader, you are tasked with many responsibilities. You must strive for success for each member of your team, for your company, and of course, for your clients. This balancing act can become overwhelming if you don’t properly prioritize your objectives and navigate the obstacles that combat effectiveness. Here are four key points to keep in mind in your quest for optimal efficiency.

John Storm, Founder of the Brainstorm Network, joins us to talk about how to get the most out of a brainstorming session. Whether ideation or innovation is your goal, you need to know the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques of an effective brainstorming session.

In this episode of Selling the Sandler Way, Dave Mattson, the President and CEO of Sandler training explores the Sandler Selling Philosophies behind the Sandler Selling System with Roger Wentworth, a Sandler Trainer.

Salespeople face some difficult decisions throughout the year if they have not decided upon the image they wish to convey in the marketplace. As a provider, where on the high or low-price, quality or quantity and quick sale or long-term spectrum of sales do you wish to land? Prospects repeatedly ask for everything they can get and put the salesperson in a position of doing what it takes to close the sale. The easier and, often, less effective route taken is to acquiesce to the demands made, and simply move on to the next opportunity. The unfortunate reality is that these “give-away” programs have an adverse impact on the business owner’s bottom-line.

Frequently people ask me how do I get better? How do I grow? How do I improve? Which are all good questions – and if you don’t ask yourself these questions – you should!

Rule #9: Don't get smoked in the interview. Search for the right candidate. What's don't get smoked in the interview mean? Well, sometimes the best sales call that a salesperson would make is on you, during the interview.