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Corporate Strategies | Naperville, IL

Our Approach

At Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc. we aim to create long-term behavioral change in our clients. We ask for one thing in return: unconditional commitment.

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Why CS&S? Why Sandler?

Six Reasons to Consider Corporate Strategies & Solutions

1. We have experience training large, diverse, national sales teams as well as small businesses and individuals.

2. Our success is derived from behavioral change, not just skill training. Our success triangle approach impacts behavior, attitude and technique.

3. We teach a selling system, not a series of sales moves that are outdated. Our selling system creates an autopilot effect when a sales force is in front of prospects.

4. The Sandler Selling System is consistently rated at the top of Sales & Marketing Management’s list for training. The Sandler System teaches sales people to gather critical information with a “qualify, close, present” process.

5. We offer an on-line support system that delivers distance reinforcement training, a central location for sales people to use for knowledge exchange and a management tool for high performance. State-of-the-art web reinforcement keeps your sales force focused on results

6. We have 220 training locations around the country to supply hands-on coaching and training when necessary. We make an impact in the territory where your sales people live.

Ask yourself, do you…

  • Accept excuses from your team as to why they are not reaching their sales goals?
  • Worry that your leadership skills are causing your business to struggle?
  • Get in your own way of success with self-sabotaging beliefs?

What’s Your Excuse

Sales people are great at coming up with timely, relevant excuses as to why they aren’t closing business.

What’s your excuse?

  • Price too high/product too expensive
  • Can’t get past gate keepers
  • Can’t get them to return my calls.
  • No time for prospecting
  • All I need is more leads

Reinforcement accelerates real growth.

That’s why we take an approach to training that is scientific, methodical, proven and designed to accelerate your learning path. We call it “reinforcement training.”

Our training uses repetition to help clients understand the principles and strategies that form our selling system, and then to develop the skills to put those strategies into action, and apply them in day-to-day business situations.

We apply our foundational philosophy to all our training and consultative services:

  • Sales Training

    Takes our nontraditional approach of constant reinforcement for lasting change, whether applied to individual sales professionals or entire sales teams.

  • Corporate Training

    Enables large, global or national companies to achieve their goals, whether for Sales, Customer Service or Management/Leadership.

  • Leadership Training

    Helps managers and business leaders at any level of an organization become more effective.